Hovis Hosts Customers at Get Dirty with Kenny Events

Federated member Hovis Auto & Truck Supply recently hosted three days of Get Dirty with Kenny dirt track events for its customers at racetracks in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Each day, Hovis hosted 20 of its best customers, as well as potential customers, to try their luck on the track and get a ride-along with Kenny Schrader.

"This event ends up being one of the best customer relationship building events that we do each year,” said Grace Hovis, marketing and training director for Hovis. “This event is irreplaceable because of how personal it is with our customers, being able to bring them in for this one of a kind experience, spend the day with them and provide them with lunch and various giveaways.

“On top of this, we allow each customer to bring a few guests with them, maybe shop friends or family members, to be there and watch them get to drive and then ride with Kenny,” continued Hovis. “This takes the relationship building to a whole new level bringing their families into the fold. In addition to this, we have also paired this with the opportunity to bring in various manufacturers to spend time with the customers and also provide giveaway type opportunities, allowing them time to build rapport with our customers as well. Each year of Get Dirty with Kenny that we have hosted has been great, but this year was a huge success. We are very thankful to Ken Schrader and Federated Auto Parts for the opportunity to run this event.”

One of Hovis’ customers had this to say about his “Get Dirty with Kenny” experience.

“My dad was a pretty blue collar wrench turner his whole life, so for me to take him to fun work events as a guest makes him think I am some big shot in the auto parts industry (I sure have him fooled). I have won some pretty amazing prizes through Hovis, but getting to look like a big shot in front of my dad is worth more than any material thing anyone could ever give me.”